We’re happy to let you know that we’ve just recently launched Fulfilled by Edamama on our platform. We heard how important shipping timelines and delivery speed are to you, so we’ve done our best to gather best-selling items to be edamama-fulfilled moving forward, so you can get to enjoy them sooner. 


Fulfilled by Edamama items are items that will come directly from Edamama’s warehouse, and won’t need to be processed through extra warehouses and fulfillment points coming from the partner seller. We can get right to packing it up for you for urgent delivery!


You'll know that the item will be Fulfilled by Edamama if it has the Express Delivery icon on the rightmost side of the product. If the item is to be fulfilled by a seller on our platform, the express delivery icon will be grayed out.


Standard Delivery is our original method of fulfillment with regular delivery timelines, wherein items will come directly from our partner sellers, and will pass through our warehouse for quality checking as well as to be packaged by the edamama team, including gift-wrapping for customers who opt for this upon checkout. 

Please see the table below on our Fulfilled by Edamama & Standard delivery timelines. 


Fulfilled by Edamama delivery


Metro Manila addresses
within 3 days
Provincial addresseswithin 7 days


Standard Delivery 


Metro Manila addresses
3-5 business days 
Provincial addresses7-11 business days


Please also note that the date you place your order will count as Day 0. In case you have an order with mixed items (express + standard delivery), you may expect to receive your order in separate parcels, as we’ll be shipping the express delivery items ahead.

Additionally, delivery timelines under Fulfilled by Edamama are still subject to changes and may take longer if unforeseen circumstances will occur. (e.g implementation of lockdown, inclement weather)

To find out if the item you ordered qualifies for Fulfilled by Edamama, you may check out this article. 

We’re looking forward to you receiving your Fulfilled by Edamama items!