You should be able to find your active subscription/s on your profile, under ‘Subscriptions’.  Let us walk you through it.

  1. Subscribed On refers to the date you created a subscription.
  2. Order Every is your subscription's frequency (30 or 60 days).
  3. Next Order is the date when we’ll automatically place a new order for you based on the frequency you’ve set for each product you've subscribed to.

Upon the Next Order date, expect the delivery dates to be as follows:

  • Metro Manila - 3 days from when the order was placed
  • Luzon (outside of Metro Manila) - 5 days from when the order was placed
  • Visayas and Mindanao - 7 days from when the order was placed

We send out reminder emails five (5) days before the next order date to remind you that your orders will be shipped soon. If you wish to skip or cancel the subscription for this interval, you may be able to do it at this time.

If you need to tweak your subscription for any reason, you can easily edit your subscription, skip a month’s order without canceling your subscription, or cancel your subscription entirely directly in your profile any time.

For any concerns or questions, send us an email at We'd be glad to assist you!