Your Next Order Date is when your next subscription order will be placed, determined by the frequency you selected. For instance, if you began a 30-day subscription on January 20th, the next order date will be February 19th.

To help you understand your subscriptions better, let's go through them together.

You can locate your active subscriptions on your profile under 'Subscriptions.'

  1. Subscribed On refers to the date you created the subscription.

  2. Order Every denotes how often your subscription renews (every 15, 30, 45, 60, 90, or 120 days).

  3. Next Order is the date when we'll automatically process a new order for you according to the frequency set for each subscribed product.

Upon the Next Order date, expect the products to arrive according to the  delivery timelines as follows:

  • Metro Manila: 3 days after placing the order

  • Luzon (outside of Metro Manila): 5 days after placing the order

  • Visayas and Mindanao: 7 days after placing the order

Reminder emails are sent out five (5) days before the next order date to notify you that your orders will be shipped soon. If you want to skip or cancel the subscription for this period, you can do so at that time.

You have the flexibility to adjust your subscription as needed. You can easily modify your subscription, skip a month's order without canceling, or cancel it entirely directly from your profile at any time.

To find out when your subscription will arrive, check the Next Order date on your Subscriptions page under your profile.

Based on the Next Order date, you can expect the delivery dates to be as follows:

  • Metro Manila - 3 days after the order was placed

  • Luzon (outside of Metro Manila) - 5 days after the order was placed

  • Visayas and Mindanao - 7 days after the order was placed

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