We apologize for this inconvenience, but no need to panic! We’ll be helping you out with this and getting your order processed in no time. 

Do send us an email at customercare@edamama.ph with the following details so we can assist you with this as soon as possible:

  1. The screenshot of your charge and the amount charged
  2. A screenshot of the page where you encountered the error
  3. Your order number (if any)
  4. Items you ordered
  5. Date/Time you ordered
  6. Did you use a voucher code?
  7. Were the items left in your bag, or is your bag on the website empty?
  8. How did you access edamama (ex. through the website, through Facebook, or through Instagram)
  9. What browser and device are you using?

We're looking forward to sorting this out with you!