The edamama circle is edamama’s exclusive affiliate and content creator program where mamas get rewarded for sharing about products and services they trust and love. Started in 2021, it is a nurturing community of influencer mamas who share nuggets of valuable information and relatable content about all things parenting. 

We want every Filipino mama to know that there’s a safe space ready to empower you to thrive in your unique parenting journey.


  • Competitive sales commission rate for every affiliate code redemption (through edamama store bean credits)

  • Freebies and collaborations with our brand partners through product reviews, product kits seeding, exclusive giveaways, free shipping vouchers, etc.

We are looking forward to working with mamas who are content creators, who have presence on all social media platforms and have at least 10,000 followers on one (1) social networking site such as Facebook, Instagram, and/or Tiktok.

Sounds exciting? Here’s how you can join, mama!

  1. Send an email to 

  2. Should we see a possible fit for edamama, please expect an email from us within the next 7 business days 

We're excited to have you in our circle, mamas!

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