Beans are edamama store points that you can use to pay for your purchases!! One Bean is equal to one Philippine peso. 

Understanding Your Beans: Rewards vs. Credits

Effective February 8, 2024, there will be two types of beans for your edamama account:

  • Bean Rewards are Beans that you earn from account creation and other order milestones. Using Bean Rewards as discount on your purchase will be capped.

  • Bean Credits are earned from BPI Direct Debit refunds. This kind of Beans can be used with no limits!

Important Note:
All beans earned before February 8 will be converted to Bean Rewards.

To learn more about how to use your Beans, click 

How do I earn edamama Beans?

1. Sign up for an edamama account

You can earn up to 15 Beans by just signing up and setting up your account! You get 5 Beans for signing up on our platform, 5 Beans for adding your child’s details, and another 5 Beans for adding your mama attributes. We ask these information from you because it will help us curate a special, more personalized shopping experience that you will enjoy best.

See more details on how to set up your account here.

2. Shopping and Product Reviews
You can also earn Beans every time you shop with us! You will receive two (2) Beans after all items from your order have been tagged as delivered, and five (5) more for reviewing our products! Bean rewards from beanback codes take 30 days before it is credited to give way to the return validity of the items you received.

3. Referrals

Invite friends to shop at edamama by sharing your referral code found on your profile! By sharing your code, you are giving them a Php 300 discount on their first purchase. The best thing is, for every successful purchase using your referral code, you get 100 Beans in return! For more information on our Referral Program, check out how referral works here.

Where can I find my Beans? 

STEP 1: Click on your profile icon on the upper right corner of your screen and select ‘My Profile’ from the dropdown options.

STEP 2: To see your Beans Rewards and Beans Credits history, click on ‘My Beans’.

Via Web:

Via App:

**edamama Terms & Conditions apply

Ready to use your Beans for your next edamama haul? Check out how to use your beans here. 

Happy shopping!

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