Beans are edamama store credits given by edamama! One Bean is equal to one Philippine peso. 

You can earn up to 15 Beans by just signing up and setting up your account! You get 5 Beans for signing up on our platform, 5 Beans for adding a child, and another 5 Beans for adding mama attributes that will help us curate a special, personalized shopping experience for you!

See more details on how to set up your account here: How do I make an account?

Looking to earn more Beans? You can earn 2 Beans 30 days* after receiving your order and 2 Beans for reviewing our unique products! *to give way to Return validity of the items received

Ready to use your edamama Beans for your next shopping haul with us? Check out How do I use my Beans? to know more about our store credits!