If, for any reason, your subscription isn’t working for you, feel free to reach out to us here so we can help you enjoy our Subscribe & Save service better. 

However, if you’re already set on stopping the service, you can cancel your subscription directly from your profile. 

**Please note that any changes including cancellation cannot be done 5 days before the delivery date.

STEP 1: 

Tap ‘Profile’, then ‘Subscriptions’ to find your active subscription(s).

STEP 2: 

Tap on the subscription you’d like to cancel.

STEP 3: 

Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap ‘Cancel Subscription’.

To know more about the refund process for prepaid cancelled orders, you may click here!

On the same page, you can also skip a month’s subscription or edit your subscription quantity, frequency, or even the product.

Note: Once you tap the Cancel Subscription button, you will be directed to Customer Service for assistance.

We hate to see you go! However, we’d really appreciate it if you could share with us why you’re considering canceling your subscription. That way, we’d know how to improve and serve you better next time!