We're here for you on every occasion and milestone, and we're very excited for you to try our Gift Registry out. Here's how to create your Gift List in 2 easy steps! Copy_of_Help_Center_Designs__2_.png


STEP 1: Login to your edamama account. Click on the gift icon on the homepage (on web) or in your profile page (on the app), and click ‘Create a Gift List'



STEP 2: Personalize your gift list! Input your event details such as the event name, date, description, image, and your preferred delivery address*. Once done, click 'Create Gift List'!

*Note that this address will be set as the default delivery address when your loved ones checkout from your Gift List; however, they will also have the option to change it.



Now that you have successfully created your Gift List, here's how to add items to your Gift List.


If you have other questions or concerns about edamama's Gift Registry, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at customercare@edamama.ph or at 09271247081 on Viber (our dedicated customer care line for Gift Registry).