After successfully creating your Gift List and adding items to it, here's how you can share it with friends and family:

STEP 1: 

Go to your Gift List by logging into your edamama account and clicking the gift icon at the top right of the homepage. Find your list under 'My Gift Lists'.


Click the share button at the top right of your Gift List screen. Choose to share your link via messaging apps or email.


Use the 'Sharing Invitation Link' option to copy and share your unique link. Alternatively, you can invite via email to send online invites to your guests.

Once shared, guests can view and buy items from your Gift List, even without an edamama account (on web view, soon on the app). They can also enjoy free shipping and gift wrapping on Gift Registry orders—no minimum spend required!

Wondering how your guests can check out from your Gift List? Here's a guide on how your guests can check out from your Gift List.

Will my guests send gifts to my address?

Yes! The address you set for the Gift List will be the default delivery address for all purchases. However, guests can choose to send gifts to a different address if they prefer. 

Learn more about setting up your gift list here.

What happens when a guest buys an item?

You'll receive a notification confirming the purchase. The item will be marked as 'Purchased', preventing others from buying it.

If you have other questions or concerns about edamama's Gift Registry, please don't hesitate to reach us here! We’d be glad to assist you!