We’ve made gift-giving a whole lot easier for you!

We believe that every family milestone is worth celebrating, and we’d love to celebrate it with you! Our new Gift Registry feature will make your celebrations even more special for both you, your family, and friends.

Gift Registry is wishlist made better and more specific. Whatever kind of occasion there is, you can create your own Gift List where you can curate what items you want to receive! You can choose from more than 1500 brands that we carry, full of great picks for all members of the family.

As soon as you’re done with your Gift List, you can share it to your loved ones who are celebrating with you. This way, you’re allowing your friends and family to better understand your needs and wishes, giving them a chance to gift more intentionally.


Similarly, if you’re the the gift-giver, you will be able to see the full wishlist of the celebrant once it’s shared with you! You can select which item among the list you’d like to gift, check out, and have it wrapped beautifully by our team. We offer FREE gift-wrapping services, with no minimum spend required!

One more fun fact! With gifting, it’s almost everyone’s fear to give the celebrant a gift that someone else already gave. You don’t have to worry about that because they will get a notification that an item on the list has already been purchased! The element of surprise would be from who!

To make the most of edamama’s Gift Registry service, here are some guidelines:

1. Gift Registry and its benefits are used only for events and milestones and cannot be used for personal ordering purposes.

2. If a Gift Registry is created and orders placed under it do not appear to serve the intended purpose, orders will be cancelled. You may still reorder the same items using edamama’s regular checkout, and shipping fees may apply based on your order value and delivery address.

3. Bulky Items are not available for gift-wrapping. These include diapers, items purchased in bulk, strollers, walkers, cabinets, and other items that need to be assembled.

4. Orders with multiple items cannot be gift-wrapped individually, they will be gift-wrapped all together in one box.

 For any inquiries about our Gift Registry please send us a note here