We’ve made gift-giving a whole lot easier for you!

We believe that every family milestone is worth celebrating, and we’d love to celebrate it with you! Our new Gift Registry feature will make your celebrations even more special for you, your family, and your friends.

Think of Gift Registry as an improved and more tailored version of a wishlist. No matter the event, you can create your own list of desired gifts from our selection of over 1,500 brands, catering to every member of your family.

Once you've compiled your Gift List, you can easily share it with your loved ones who are joining in the celebration! This allows them to understand your preferences better, making their gift choices more thoughtful.

Likewise, if you're the one giving the gift, you'll be able to view the celebrant's complete wishlist once it's shared with you. From there, you can select the perfect gift, proceed to checkout, and have it beautifully wrapped by our team at no extra cost—regardless of your purchase amount.

And here's a neat feature: to avoid duplicate gifts, the celebrant will receive a notification when an item on their list has already been purchased, keeping the element of surprise intact.

To ensure everyone benefits from our Gift Registry service, here are some important points to keep in mind:

  1. The Gift Registry feature is exclusively for events and special occasions and cannot be used for personal purchases.

  2. If a Gift Registry is misused or abused, orders placed under it may be cancelled. However, you can still reorder the same items through our regular checkout process, with shipping fees applied as usual.

  3. Certain bulky items, such as diapers, strollers, and furniture, are not eligible for gift-wrapping.

  4. Orders containing multiple items will be wrapped together in one box rather than individually.

    Note: Vouchers cannot be used for the purchase of gift registry items.

If you have any questions about our Gift Registry, please don't hesitate to reach out to us here

We're here to help make your celebrations even more memorable! ♥