We’re sorry if you have experienced a few bumps while using our app. Rest assured that you should be able to check out now.

If you still encounter 
slownessnon-responsiveness, or white screen errors, kindly perform the following basic troubleshooting steps:

1. Make sure your edamama app is updated to its latest version.

2. Upload a Profile Photo (for “CONNECT NOT LOADING” error message)

3. Refresh your app by closing and re-opening it.

4. Try refreshing the page you are looking at.

5. Clear your app's cache.

If you cannot update your app or have been forced to log out, feel free to reach out to us 
here and provide us with the following details so we can check the issue from our end:

1. A screenshot of the error message showing on your screen, and

2. The email address registered to your edamama account

Please note that the issue with forced logout has been fixed already last Feb. 20, 2023. This should not be experienced anymore unless there’s no activity within your account for 3 consecutive months. 

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