Update Your Profile with Ease!

You have the power to customize your edamama profile by adding a profile photo, updating your mama attributes, adding your child, and including additional delivery addresses.

On the website:

Simply click on your icon at the upper right corner and select 'My Profile'. From there, you can make the necessary edits and you're good to go!

On the app:

1. Log into your edamama app and tap the profile icon at the lower left corner of your mobile screen, then select 'edit profile'.

2. Here, you can add a child, set a profile photo, and choose your attributes.

These details enable us to tailor product suggestions and craft a personalized shopping experience just for you. Plus, you'll receive 10 extra Beans as a reward for adding your child and mama attributes.

Can I Change My edamama Email Address?

Currently, changing your email address isn't possible. If you wish to use a different one, we recommend creating a new account with the desired email address. Please note that your Beans and other account information (saved items, cart contents, etc.) cannot be transferred to the new account.

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