Please be informed that starting February 16, 2023, Pampers adjusted its pricelist for items under the Subscribe & Save program. 

Here’s the list of Pampers items with updated SRPs:

Product Name



Aircon Pants XXL 3-Pack (132pcs)

Php 2,130

Php 2,280

Aircon Pants Extra Large 3-Pack (156pcs)

Php 2,130

Php 2,295

Baby Dry Pants Super Jumbo Medium 2-Pack (2 x 66 pcs)

Php 1,250

Php 1,350

Baby Dry Taped Super Jumbo Large 68s 2-Pack (136 pcs)

Php 1,570

Php 1,720

Baby Dry Pants Economy Small Bundle 6 x 24 pcs (144 pcs)

Php 1,350

Php 1,554

Baby Dry Taped Jumbo Extra Large Bundle 3 x 40 pcs (120 pcs)

Php 1,650

Php 1,797

Baby Dry Pants XXL Bundle 3 x 40pcs (120 pcs)

Php 1,770

Php 1,797

Baby Dry Pants Super Jumbo XXL 40s 2-Pack (80 pcs)

Php 1,180

Php 1,198

Baby Dry Taped XXL Bundle 3 x 50pcs (150 pcs)

Php  2,280

Php 2,505

But don’t worry, you can still get your Subscribe & Save diapers at even lower prices during our monthly campaigns and our regular Diaper Price Drop sales!

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