Exciting News About Your edamama Beans!

We've got some exciting news to share that we think you're gonna love. We're all about making your experience on edamama as awesome as possible, and we've got a little update that we think will add a sprinkle of extra goodness to your daily dose of shopping joy. 

See below FAQs for your guide: 





What are edamama Beans?

Beans are edamama store points that you can use to pay for your purchases. One (1) Bean is equal to one (1) Philippine peso.


What are “Bean Rewards” and “Bean Credits”?

“Bean Rewards” are Beans earned from account creation and other order milestones. This is the type of beans that are capped when used for purchase.

“Bean Credits” are Beans earned from BPI Direct Debit refunds and are not capped when used for purchase.


How many Bean Rewards can we use per order?

Effective February 8, 2024, Bean Rewards usage is capped. Just head to the checkout page to see the maximum amount of Beans you can use on your order.

For more information, you can refer to our Terms of Use.


When will the bean capping start?

Effective February 8, 2024, all your edamama Beans will be converted into Bean Rewards.


What will happen to my current Beans?

All your Beans earned prior to February 8, 2024 will be converted into “Bean Rewards”. 

Refunds in the form of Beans credited to your account  prior to February 8, 2024 are now called  “Bean Credits” which you can use in full (no cap) to pay for your order. These are already being processed and will reflect accordingly to your account as “Bean Credits” on/before February 22, 2024. 

If you need assistance in your beans, send your details here and expect an email response within 24 hrs.


How do I earn edamama Bean Rewards?

You can earn Bean Rewards through the ff:

  1. Signing up 

  2. Purchasing via app or web

  3. Using beanback vouchers upon purchase

  4. Referrals and Reviews

  5. Participating in edamama Surveys

To know more, click here.


Where can I see my Bean Rewards and Bean Credits history?

Log-in your account via:

  1. Edamama Mobile app > Profile > My Beans

  1. Edamama Website > My profile > My beans

To know more, click here.


Does edamama Bean Rewards and Bean Credits expire?

No expiration for now! Please keep updated by checking our Terms & Conditions.


How can I use edamama Bean Rewards and Bean Credits?

On the order summary page upon checkout, select the Beans as part of payment.

To know more, click here!


Is there a Bean usage frequency limit?

There’s noneYou can always use Beans on your edamama order. 

Note: The Bean Rewards program's point system and promotions can change without prior notice, often based on platform-specific offers. We aim to provide exciting and valuable rewards to our members.


Since Beans are now capped, can we now use a voucher on top of the capped Beans?

Bean Rewards cannot be used on top of vouchers and Bean Credits unless otherwise stated on the site.


Can I use Bean Rewards and Bean Credits to purchase in your physical store?

Not yet, but stay tuned in our social pages for updates!


I ordered and used my Bean Rewards/Credits as part of payment, but my order was cancelled. Are you going to credit back my used Beans?

Yes. The Beans will be automatically credited back to your account.

Note: If Rewards were used for payment, they will be refunded as Bean Rewards, and if Credits were used, they will be refunded as Bean Credits.


Since there is a Bean capping now, how can I pay for the remaining amount of my order?

You may make up for the difference through other payment methods such as:

  • Cash On Delivery
  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • E-wallets such as GCash, GrabPay, and Maya
  • BPI Direct Debit

Note: International-issued cards are not accepted.

Click here to know more! 


What are the other important changes I need to know about edamama Beans?

Kindly refer to our updated Terms & Conditions.


I did not receive my Bean Rewards from my last order, what should I do?

If you have received your order and have not received your Beans after 30 days, please provide the details here.

Our Customer Advocates will get back to you with an email within 24 hours.


I need help with my Beans, how to contact you?

Our Customer Advocates are happy to assist you daily from 9:00am-6:000pm. Send them a message here and expect a response within 24 hours!

Thank you for being a valued member of the edamama community. ♥