Here are the following order statuses that you can see on 'My Orders'!

  • Order Placed: We've received your order!

  • Processing Order: Our team is working double-time to secure your ordered items from our partner merchants. Hang tight!

  • Packed: All of your ordered items have been secured from our partner merchants, and have been packed by our team. Your items are another step closer to you!

  • Ready to Ship: Your order is good to go. We're coordinating with our logistics partners so we can get you your order in no time!

  • Shipped: Our logistics partners and your items are on their way to you. We can't wait for you to receive your items!

  • Delivered: We've successfully delivered your order! Don't forget to share your #edamamahaul and tag us on Instagram at Copy_of_Help_Center_Designs__2_.png