If you received a partial delivery notification from us, this means we are still working on completing your remaining items from our partner brands. Don't worry, we just wanted to send you a few of your items so you get to enjoy them sooner! Copy_of_Help_Center_Designs__2_.png

Once your remaining items are shipped out, you will be receiving an email containing the estimated arrival date of your order, tracking number, and tracking link. You may input the tracking numbers in our partner couriers’ tracking links. Do note that your tracking number is different from your order number.

FLASH EXPRESS: https://www.flashexpress.ph/tracking/

If you did not receive a partial delivery notification, please send customercare@edamama.ph an email with the following details as soon as possible:

  1. Order number
  2. Name registered with edamama
  3. Email registered with edamama
  4. Did the package appear to have been damaged or tampered with when you received it?
  5. Photos of the invoice inside your parcel and waybill attached to your parcel
  6. List of items you have received
  7. List of items that are missing

We’re looking forward to assisting you with this!